The inspiration for the BLAST server interface was provided by:

Yan P. Yuan, Lai, J., and Bork, P., 1997.
The Advanced BLAST2 Search Server - http://www.bork.embl-heidelberg.de/Blast2/.
EMBL-Heidelberg, Feb. 1997. unpublished.

Please also see:

Yan P. Yuan, Eulenstein, O., Vingron, M. & Bork, P. 1998.
Towards detection of orthologues in sequence databases.
Bioinformatics, 14, 285-289.

WU-BLAST version 2.0 provided by Warren Gish at Washington University in St. Louis via the Washington University BLAST archives:

WU-BLAST 2.0, W. Gish, 1996, unpublished.