Database of Maize Genes with Fluorescent Tags

BLAST server

A set of maize genes was selected for fluorescent tagging (FP) and the generation of reporter lines. Out of the selected maize genes, a total of 85 genes were mapped to the B73 maize genome ( Gene annotation of the native gene models (without FP tag) were downloaded for the following BLAST databases.

BLAST databases:

  1. Protein sequences for tagged maize genes - aa (protein translation)
  2. Coding sequences for tagged maize genes - cds (coding sequence including start to stop)
  3. Genomic sequences for tagged maize genes - genic (genic region including 4 kb upstream and 4 kb downstream flanking sequences)

Using the BLAST server, users can search the maize gene set used for FP-tagging to identify genes of interest based on sequence similarility.

This server runs WU-BLAST 2.0. [Disclaimer]

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The email option allows the user to be notified by email when the blast search is completed. The email will contain a link to the results. Use this option when running a lengthy search. To activate this option, check the box to the left and fill in an email address in the box to the right.

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